Day #1: Passport Town

Passport Town
I know now that there’s a passport town
A gateway through me to the edge
I know now that I’ve been a lifelong traveler
A cavalier page, never read
On a library shelf

I’ve been on my way for far too long
And I don’t quite know where I’m bound
But I’ll follow those train tracks forever, again
They’ll lead me back to Passport Town
With a map inside

And I know that questions have answers
And I’ll prob’ly be a wanderer forever
And I’ll see this journey to the end
Because I’d rather see the world, and be a stranger
Than be alone again

Where my life-line is aimed, that’s where I belong
Lost in the world, that’s my plan
If we meet again, we can sing life’s sweet song
Written by an old minstrel man
On a library shelf