Day #96: Don’t You Know Me

Don’t You Know Me

Lady’s looking for a rock-and-roll sound
To keeping her dancing all night
And she’s hoping for a love that won’t fade,
I’m thinking, “Hey, good luck to you”

And she’s been round New Orleans
To hear the blues
Old jazz artists paint her portrait in brass
Yeah, she’s a world all by herself

Hey, girl, don’t you know me,
I make the world safe for you
So sad songs never get here,
There’s a place they hide from you
Even if that world is inside of me

She tells the comic strips “I only see
What I believe,
I thank you kindly but the world is going by
It’s time for me to hitch a ride.”

She plays the senorita very well
She’s got the romance and the temper
I haven’t lived that long, but I believe
The world will thank her for her time



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