Day #69: Jackson’s Island

Jackson’s Island

Well that starlight burns all night
Like a campfire in the sky
Seems to take me backstage
Above where eagles fly

Our enchanted fortress
Shielded by the moon
Jackson’s Island hides us
From growing up too soon

Jackson’s Island I’m coming home
Seems to be the right way to roam
Trading buried treasures and sifting every road
And coming home

I’ve flown above the ocean
And played in reggae bands
It’s quite like chasing seagulls
That never want to land

I’ve built a thousand castles
And friendships by the shore
Defended them from pirates
And lived for many more


Jackson’s Island, I’m coming home
Na na na, na na na


Day #52: Lost in Shenandoah

Lost in Shenandoah

All he ever wanted was a campfire song
Saving every moment in a sing-a-long
Rhyming stars and mountains while the guitar play
Hoping that memories would stay every day

Lost in Shenandoah, we could rock-climb
Toss boulders like the marbles of our younger time
He would point and shout across our mountain home
“Life wasn’t meant to be played all alone”

This song has no chorus, no lines repeated

Tell me how it feels to be out of time
Tell me what it means when our words don’t rhyme
Let these be the last of my words to you
“I’ll be your friend for forever, every day”

Day #33: (If I Could Write) A Campfire Song

(If I Could Write) A Campfire Song

They’re coming round to my town
I hope that I don’t let ‘em down
I’m the place where the vagrants stay
They need a place to stay

We’re closing down the old roads
And rolling home like thunder-toads
I’m the Bible’s man of ease
They need a place for me
They need a place for me
You and me

If I could write a campfire song
Then I’d fly around the world just one more time
And I’d show them all the rhythm and the rhyme
If I should write a campfire song
Then I’d have my brothers sing along with me
And I’d sail the old Dawn Treader across the sea,
While that campfire’s blazing away

I hope that words have their fun
The music comes from everyone
All the travelers will learn my song
They’re gonna sing along

Now Appalachia’s my town
I’m going to find that mountain sound,
And when I see a campfire’s glow
I’ll know I’m headed home
I’ll know I’m headed home
Home again


I’m coming ‘round to my town
I hope that I don’t settle down
But I have heard what the prophets say
They think I’m here to stay.
They think I’m here to stay.
In Camelot


And I’ll sail the old Dawn Treader across the sea
And I’ll sail the old Dawn Treader across the sea
[Repeat and fade]

Day #21: Campfire Town

Campfire Town

When all is said and done
I’ll be there when you call my name—it’s true
And you know I’d like to relax
On the shores of Lake Wobegon someday with you:
A fishing hole, and the shade of summer with you

I like the campfire’s glow
And the toasted marshmallow days we spend down here
And I like what Robin Hood’s done
Made the Sherwood Forrest safe for far and near
The merry men are all good friends of mine

And I know my game
It’s to go back in time
To that old campfire town
Where the folks all stay the same
But they don’t seem to mind
In that old campfire town

When the fishing hole beckons me
And the hills we climbed become high mountains, again
And the revolution’s done
When we can’t pretend we’ve conquered anything
The merry men are all good friends of mine.