Day #98: Whisper Sweet Nothings

Whisper Sweet Nothings
(All I Can Do)

You’re all that I think of, and all I see
Watching you makes me stumble through the day
Counting every minute till I’m with you
Here you are now, taking my breath away

What can I say to you that tells the truth
Words are never enough and songs won’t do
Sometimes my heart just wants to overflow
Bursting at the seams with love for you

Sometimes all I can do
Is whisper sweet nothings
And love songs to you
Sometimes all we can have
Is stolen brief moments
I’ll take all I can
And whisper sweet nothings to you

You’re all that I think of, and all my days
You’re every heartbeat, every tear that flows
Hope I have forever to spend with you
Time enough to tell you, and hope you know



Day #83: Life’s Sweet Serenade

Life’s Sweet Serenade

She’s not your ordinary girl
She’s all the spices of the world
She just might sing a song of sixpence
Say, “Mother Goose is a friend of mine.”

She don’t like ordinary days
She spells the world so many ways
She just might be a stage magician
And leave Houdini so far behind

She is a part of life’s sweet serenade
She sings the sweetest song life has ever played
She is a part of life’s sweet serenade
She’d sing forever
And be a part of the grand parade

She don’t like ordinary games
“If they’re not new, they’re all the same”
You know she’d make a priceless shyster
If we could ever put love on trial


Day #80: This You and Me Time

This You and Me Time

I sift my way through the day
Slidin’ past authority
And what they do not what they say

I work my way through the week
Shufflin’ through the paperwork
That leaves me up that famous creek

But it’s worth it
(I’ll go through it all)
Oh it’s worth it
(No problem at all)
It’s worth it cause I know I know I know
This you and me time is finally here
This best time, this sweet time with you near
Dancing and loving
Will one lifetime be enough
In this you and me time

I’ll race my way through the door
My responsibilities
Left behind on the stone cold floor

I’ll dance my way up to you
Smiling like I’ve won it all
Forgetting all that I’ve been through


Day #77: Our Song

Our Song

I’m pretending that’s you and me
Up on the screen, in “Casablanca”
Yeah, it’s quite a romantic scene
Can’t you see, he’s trying to thank her
For all the good times

When we dress up in party smiles
Broadway style, and hit the dance floor
Then the very best time of day is here to stay
And parting no more
In all the good times

Because they playing our song, our song
Sometimes they have to play all night long
But don’t you know the band can’t go wrong
Because they’re playing our song
Our song

When that cinema culprit strikes
I know he likes unhappy endings
If I never said, “I love you”
I’ll say it now, and sing for critics
And sing forever


Day #71: She Holds Hope

She Holds Hope
(In Good Company)

If she’s old fashioned,
Tell her she’s alone in the world
If she reads old news
Tell her that’s what yesterday’s for
But if she sings sad songs, you tell her
She’s in good company

If she’s a wallflower
Tell her she’s alone in the world
The caravan’s passed
On it’s way to oysters and pearls
If she wants true love, you tell her
She’s in good company

She holds love in her eyes
And she holds hope in her heart
That someone holds her that way someday
She loves carnival shows
And she holds hope ’cause she knows
This clown will stumble her way someday

If she loves me
Tell her she’s alone in the world
Happy endings
We thought that’s what old fables were for
And if we’re dreaming, don’t tell us
We’re in good company


Day #61: Me So Turned On

Me So Turned On

You see the world as an over-achiever,
I watch the skies like a Star Trek believer
You send away for the sign that rhymes
I haunt the future for a better time

You’d like to forget in the Foreign Legion
I read the past like my favorite season
Don’t be so cruel to the time and the tide
You’d hate the world if it never died


I believe what gets me so turned on
Is the sight of a girl who was never burned
So I’ll wait for what gets me so turned on–you.
I believe what keeps me so turned on
Is the thought of a lesson never learned
So I’ll wait for what keeps me so turned on–you.

You’ve been to where they invented the blues
I’d like to chase all the sad songs away from you
I’ve been that way, but I know my way back
Guess I have always been that different track


Day #58: Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

Another night on this dim stage
In the hippest part of town
The coffeehouse patrons wait
For one more poem to bring them down

Amid the finger-snaps and sighs
She stood and spread her arms like wings
And then she danced and spun like wind
To spoken words no one could sing

She’s my tiny dancer
Bringing all my words to life
She’s a starry beauty,
Evening colored, feather light
Now we make a love song
My tiny dancer here tonight

Gliding down the boulevard
Between the chairs, she turns to me
Suddenly I’m not on stage
But in the sky, a soul set free

Day #51: Love Letters

Love Letters

Hello my darling, I’m thinking of you
Writing this fast cause we’re heading out soon
It’s part of the job, it’s what we all do
Whatever we’re here for, I’m fighting for you

I love the world, but I hate where it stands
You in the states, and me in the sands
Chilled by the distance, I’m warmed by your smile
Shining so brightly from six thousand miles

Till then, my dear, will you read these from me
Love letters go where I want to be
There in your arms and holding my place
Till I’m home again, in your sweet embrace

I’ll be home someday, but when will that be
Even tomorrow seems too long to me
Back in your arms, I will know how it feels
Just like your heartbeat, forever and real


Day #50-B: Seems Like They Say

Seems Like They Say

Wish that I could write love’s lyrics
Catchy turns of phrase that rhyme
Like the man who writes the words for Elton John

Wish that I could solve life’s myst’ries
I’d be charming but oh so clueless
Like the man who rides along with Sherlock Holmes
I’d be there for you

By the way, your love songs
Seems like they say
I could live a lifetime in your day
By the way, your love songs
Seems like they say
I can see a lifeline when you say
“I’ll be there for you.”

Wish I was a sad-song singer
Bringing folks to tears for pay
Like the one they called the Chairman of the Board

Wish I was a romance writer
And the world was my big novel
We’d have lines like Romeo and Juliet
And I would die for you


Day #45: Sad Songs

Sad Songs
(I’m the One)

If her name’s Cinderella
She’s a friend of mine
If her game’s sitting pretty
Then she’s learned her lines
Like “Won’t run away again from you”

If she’s called ballad singer
It’s cause she’ll write a sad rhyme
For the prince or the pauper
Whoever takes time
To say “Won’t run away again from you
Can’t stay away again from you
I won’t run away again from you”

‘Cause it’s true
That sad songs leave you
But not for long, you need love
And I’m the one for you

If she plays a ballerina
She can dance for a friend
I call for all prima donnas
And she’s all they send
I say “Won’t run away again from you
Can’t stay away again from you
I won’t run away again from you”