Day #65: High Flying Bird

High Flying Bird

The world through this window
Is all I’ve ever seen
Caged in this life sentence
It’s like a movie scene

The years in this prison
All took their toll on me
And no chance at parole
What Jailer could this be

But someday I’ll escape these walls
And Chain that still holds me
And be the high flying bird
That I was meant to be

The window is breaking
I know I’ll soon be free
While doctors are still heroes
To an eight-year-old like me


And be the high flying bird
That I was meant to be


Day #57: Looking for a Love Song

Looking For A Love Song

My love’s gonna live longer than me
Sad songs gonna be all that I see
When she says she’s on her own

Grey skies know the way home with me
No reign like the days used to be
When she says she’s on her own

She said:
I’m looking for a love song
That lives longer than you
Here’s hoping there’s a better way
To spend all my days than with you
I’m looking for a love song

I’ve seen cold tears washing you
It’s that old rain in me, too
When you say you’re on your own

If your heart beats way too long
It’s built for the day love goes wrong
When she says she’s on her own


Day #52: Lost in Shenandoah

Lost in Shenandoah

All he ever wanted was a campfire song
Saving every moment in a sing-a-long
Rhyming stars and mountains while the guitar play
Hoping that memories would stay every day

Lost in Shenandoah, we could rock-climb
Toss boulders like the marbles of our younger time
He would point and shout across our mountain home
“Life wasn’t meant to be played all alone”

This song has no chorus, no lines repeated

Tell me how it feels to be out of time
Tell me what it means when our words don’t rhyme
Let these be the last of my words to you
“I’ll be your friend for forever, every day”

Day #49: Minstrel Man

Minstrel Man

I make my money writing sad songs
The villagers gathers and they ride along
I don’t know—but it’s fun for me

I want to save you from the sad songs
I know they get you through your bad times
Oh, I know—cause they work for me

I’m a minstrel man, and I write sad songs
‘Cause that’s all they want to hear
I’m a minstrel man, and I look for a land
Where they’re not so fond of tears

If we work together, we can dance home
And tell all the village that they’re not alone
Oh they know—they can hear us singin’